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Every host knows how much work and cost are involved with getting paid for a booking. Many hurdles have to be taken - from different currencies and payment types to correct invoicing and bookkeeping. by gloveler offers you secure and hassle-free payment processing. Accept any common payment method (direct debit, credit card and PayPal) from your guests, in order to make their bookings. Additionally the software takes care about generating the correct invoices.

Especially business travelers and foreign guest appreciate the possibility to pay online and with different currencies and payment methods. Open your rental to these new customer groups. Offer a service with a personal touch and a professional appearance at the same time with the help of

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  • +Guests can pay by direct debit, credit card and PayPal in the currency of their choice
  • +Funds are collected by at the schedule the hosts decides on
  • +Invoices are generated for the host and guest automatically
  • +Monthly pay-out of rent to the host